My boyfriend.

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“I’m a witch woman; high on tobacco and holy water. I’m a woman delighted with her disasters. They give me something to do. A profession of sorts. I have the magic of words.”

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amado mio.

“Call it a kiss, but
I want to dip my fingers
into a dark wine
and paint your lips red
and let it drip down your neck.

I want to cup your wet chin
and raise the goblet
of your fine wine mouth to mine.
I want to drink from you
until we taste the same.”

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You make me feel

So happy
so real
Beautiful moment in my life
A sweet wrinkle in time
So let’s stretch this thing out
Let’s punch a hole in time
Sitting in there
Two gay creatures content in our own little world
Silence seems so much better with you
Coldness seems so much warmer with you
I want to kiss your mouth
That loving brush
That colors my world
I want to know your taste
I want to hear your sounds
In this moment
In this moment is almost
In this moment is almost…

milosh, you make me feel

Happy Caturday!

“You miss her? Then book a ticket on the next flight get on a fucking plane and fly to her. Jump on a bus and ride five, six, eleven hours to see her beautiful face. Hitch hike from the other side of the country, in the rain, sunshine and the hail. Take your Mom’s car and drive for three hours and bang on her door, until she wakes up shitty but happy to see you. Sneak onto a train and journey for two hours. If you miss her as much as you say, then you will find a way to get to her. Even if that means you’re broke for two months, or tired for a week. If she matters as much as you say, you’ll find a way.”

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